The Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market for Semiconductor Industry is Growing into 2018

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This analysis covers the 2016 silicon wafer reclaim for the semiconductor market and provides a forecast to 2018. Reclaim is defined as the removal of several microns of the silicon wafer and subsequent re-polishing of the wafer surface.

Seven regions of the world are covered in this report including North America, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Rest of World (ROW). All market size estimates reflect U.S. dollars at current exchange rates. Market estimates for reclaim wafers include semiconductor applications including equipment and IC manufacturing markets.

This report covers market trends, pricing, and forecast for the Silicon Wafer Reclaim market

Reclaim 2016.jpg

  • Historical annual revenue and shipments of silicon reclaim wafers by “ship-to” market region and forecast through next year
  • Comparison and analysis of bulk silicon, reclaim silicon annual shipments, and fab capacity
  • Discussion of reclaim pricing and capacity by wafer diameter
  • List of silicon reclaim suppliers and their websites
  • Data received directly from 15 reclaim suppliers, representing 90% of the total market in terms of revenue


  • Access to the leading industry benchmark for silicon reclaim data
  • Understand the growing importance of reclaim suppliers outside of Japan and emerging end markets
  • Enable important business decisions through thorough review of supply, demand, and technology trends
  • Gain insight into current silicon reclaim capacity trends for 200 mm, 300 mm wafers, and 450 mm

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