Connect to the Trends in 300mm and Grow Your Business

Demand for 300mm capacity continues to rise, driven by growth in mobile, storage, high performance computing, and automotive applications. Over 70 fabs are scheduled to open from 2019 to 2023, with a focus on DRAM, NAND Flash, and foundry/logic capacity.

This report tracks more than 240 facilities worldwide and more than 50 companies and organizations from around the world. this report provides insight to current and future business activity in 300mm manufacturing and informs business planning and investment. 


  • 12-year report by quarter (2012 - 2023)
  • 300 mm installed capacity (wafers per month)
  • Technology trends such as NAND, DRAM, Logic
  • Product types
  • Investment in construction and equipment
  • Fab status includes fab closures, investments, new fabs, technology nodes, and products
  • High-level summaries, tables, and graphs

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