A Workshop:  Practical Implementations and Applications of Smart Manufacturing

Addressing smart manufacturing applications across the Semi/OSAT/PCBA/EMS segments of the electronic manufacturing supply chain through real world use cases

SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing Technology Community invites you to a one-day workshop to  discuss pathways for implementation based on real-world use cases for smart manufacturing.  Walk away with ideas on how to address the impact of smart manufacturing across the electronics manufacturing spectrum and how you might further transform your processes using Industry 4.0 principles.

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Featured Speakers Include:

  Data Flow Architecture
  Dr. Steve Chadwick, Senior Principal Engineer Manufacturing IT, Intel


  Security – Access Data/ Data Sharing, Data Policies
  Michael Alperin, Principal Manufacturing Industry Consultant, TIBCO          Data Science Team

Applied Materials

   Materials Flow & Conversion 
   Shekar Krishnaswamy, Director of Business Development at Applied


   Materials Flow & Conversion 
   John Behnke, FPS General Manager at Inficon

Explore the full agenda

Breakout sessions will further explore use cases with subject-matter-experts (SMEs).  Topics include:

  • Best practices for 2-way data flow between production equipment and material handling systems.
  • Compare and contrast common solutions for data flow architectures for predictive maintenance and downtime events
  • Discussion of models for using sensors for boosting overall consistency with in-situ tool metrology
  • Where is machine-learning best used to improve overall productivity?

Join representatives from industry leaders, including the companies below, for in-depth discussions on how Smart Manufacturing can be leveraged for better business results.

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For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Eric Rude at erude@semi.org.